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Friday, 3 October 2014

Old Trousers = New skirt

So, I had a pair of old linen trousers, way past their best and going in holes. Most of the material was still ok though so I thought I'd chop off the worn bits and make a skirt......but...it wasn't that easy.

Looking more closely, I realised the outside had faded, while the inside had stayed a darker indigo - it's most easily seen in this pic where I've removed a pocket. So instead of a fairly easy chopping up and sew together again, I ended up almost starting from scratch.

I decided to use the bottom of the legs with the material reversed but it wasn't quite wide enough so I added a strip of material down each side seam and widening it at the bottom to make a little 'flip' at the hem -  I'm hoping this will look like a feature rather than a fix.

The material for the pockets came from chopping off the old pockets

and after a test try-on, I decided to add some darts both back and front, although it's still baggy enough to pull on without needing a zip. I haven't quite sorted the waistband yet - I need some more material from somewhere - but I'm going to use the old tie from the trousers to gather and fasten it.

So far I think it looks ok and I'm extremely happy to have found a use for the material.

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