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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

So far, so good

My current crochet project is advancing slowly but surely. I thought I had nearly enough of the motifs worked, so I sketched out the shape of the finished waistcoat (left front) and placed them on it - only to discover I had nothing like sufficient pieces! Back to making circles again for now - which is easier than joining up!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Giving Crochet Another Try

I've knitted (almost) all my life and assume I'm quite good at it - certainly I can knit and watch TV, even knit and read a book (providing book stays open at right page) but crochet has always been a bit of a mystery.
Still, a couple of years ago I managed, very slowly, to make my daughter a crocheted top and since then I've made a couple of scarves, so I though I'd at last have a go something larger for myself.

I'm trying to adapt a Rowan design - with long sleeves - and make a waistcoat. Apart from the bit of having to get out the instruction book to remember how to make a double crochet or a treble, things have gone quite well. I need to use the pattern a lot more than with knitting and it's not so easy to watch TV at the same time but I'm getting there.

The pattern consists of lots of medallions - 4 in all - which have gone quite well. I'm now at the stage of fastening them together, which isn't as easy. I have piles of ready made circles, a paper outline and marks of where the joining up chains should go but things get skewed every time I try to join the circles up.
I seem to need an extra pair of hands to hold things still.
Hopefully I'll have a finished garment to post here soon - fingers crossed!