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Sunday, 24 March 2013

While the snow falls outside...

....I've been busy (and warm) in the kitchen. First using up a home-grown pumpkin that was starting to rot by making marmalade and then using up gooseberries from the freezer to make some chutney.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Knitting - another 'use-up-the-bits' project

I'm having a bit of a slow start to this project based on a Rowan design but knitted in finer yarn. I only seem to pick it up while I'm watching TV and if the programme's plot is too gripping I leave the knitting! Still it is starting to grow slowly - now reached armhole shaping - but at the same time I'm starting to worry if I've enough yarn in each of the colours.

Same trousers - Another bag

I've already made one small bag out of a pair of my daughter's old embroidered trousers and I'm now working on another, larger, patchwork bag using the remaining cord material and another old pair of trousers - this time very flowery ones!

I've joined the main pieces, with an outside pocket and  ribbon trims. Now I'm trying to work out lining, how many inside pockets to add, handles, zip fastening etc etc.  The deciding often takes longer than the making.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Finished!! Up-cycled Bag from old trousers.

  At last, after a lot of difficulty turning the strap, I've finished this upcycling project. 

It started life as a pair of outgrown and worn on the knees embroidered trousers which I didn't want to throw away. The lining is from an old skirt and the velvet trim removed from another garment.

All I needed to finish was sew the inner and outer 'bags' together and turn - and this turning went relatively easily.

The only little job left is to find a toggle to fasten through the velvet loop. I definitely have several with a natural wood finish but 'think' I have a bright pink one which would look better.