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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A little 'oops' moment.....

....well, actually two.

pattern - sort of
I settled down in front of the TV on Sunday to watch a very young Tom Cruise in Legend and got out my knitting as I do. Then realised I'd lost the 'pattern'. Now it's not an easy-to-find thing when instead of a book or even a proper leaflet, the pattern is just scribbled notes on the back of a sheet of A4 paper - possibly an old school letter. Because I'm mixing up two patterns for this project - one for the sizing and shaping, one for the colour chart - I have notes about shaping, stitch numbers and colour changes on this. Without it, I'd have been lost!
Fortunately, after a bit of a search, it re-surfaced among other notes - though I'd lost nearly 20 minutes of Legend!

 So then I settled in to my knitting and film watching - so settled that I forgot to join in the pocket!

I'd got beyond the point it's now back to and had everything to take back.

I'm now hoping to progress with less drama.