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Friday, 22 January 2016

New year - new projects

 Part of my list of New Year's resolutions was to cut down on all the clutter I have around the house. A lot of it is the pile of old clothes and off-cuts of material that I hang on to 'just in case'. Well, I'm starting off the year by turning at least one small piece of the stash into something useful.
My old peg-bag, made from a tablecloth off-cut, had seen better days - in fact at points the material was almost worn through. Time for a new one!

Hunting through the many piles of material I've hoarded, I came across this quite sturdy IKEA fabric leftover from covering cushions a few years ago. It's probably a better weight than the tablecloth material I used last time and its slightly odd shape encouraged me to try a different design.

There were two matching pieces with a big, cushion-shaped, curve taken out so I joined them together (you can just see the central seam on the finished pic below) and bound with bias strips to make an opening through which to grab the pegs - it maybe would have been better with elastic threaded through as it looks a bit gaping, and I don't want to lose pegs all over the garden. Other than that it was basically a case of joining bits together to make the right-sized square, with a hole for the hanger at the top. The project was finished in an afternoon, and a little bit of material stash used up - both of which have to be good!