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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Last Christmas - 3 - Cards

These are my Christmas cards from the past couple of years. I don't actually make every one by hand, but start with an embroidery or collage I have made which is scanned and several cards of each design printed.

Last year's card was taken from an embroidery I designed and made several years ago. It was scanned and edited to include the wording before printing.

These four collages were used two years ago. For three of them I used hand made (home made) paper for the background and in all of them the image is made of a variety of materials - paper, cloth, tinsel, sequins, old cards etc


  1. I have been enjoying your past post so much, you are so gifted with crafting talents, and your husband,

  2. it's rather strange that since he took early retirement, I actually find less time for crafting. It's what I like about knitting - I can do it while watching the TV!