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Friday, 19 July 2013

A quick sewing project for the heatwave.

 It's such a long while since we've had a hot summer that I don't seem to have any hot weather clothes! I DO however have cupboards stocked with 'useful' bits of material.

 I thought this would make a nice short skirt.
Once, a long time ago, it was a padded shouldered, drop-waisted, ankle length dress of mine. 
Then it was cut and became a wide twirling dress for my toddler-daughter. 
Now it's maybe on its last lease of life before becoming scraps for patchwork.
 The piece above is wide enough for what I need but not long enough..

.. fortunately I discovered the peplum section of the original dress. 
This is enough to make a frill for the hem and will give it the necessary extra few inches.

More posts to follow as I continue.....

Now finished 


  1. you are so clever and crafty, and frugal, lol, I really enjoy posts about reusing, its a favorite challenge for me, take care my friend, I hear its warm on your side of the ocean as well, its cool here today,

    1. I thought it was a lot easier to use up some of my hoarded fabric than go shopping in the heat! A bit cooler today - back to pleasant rather than too hot to move :)