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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Odds and Ends - and Knitting

I have huge stashes of wool around the house - but  on close inspection, so many bags turn out to just hold odds and ends. I hoard too many little bits in the hope that one day they'll be useful for something. Some of them are only a metre or two in length!

 Anyway, I thought it was time to clear some of them out and hopefully make something nice in the process. 
I gathered up all of the blue-y yarns, with neutral beiges and creams and small amounts of lilac and pink for contrast - and started knitting.

The first bit didn't work well, so I undid it and tried again - it's better this time, I think.

 Because some of the yarns are in very short supply and some of the colours are difficult to tell apart by artificial light, I'm knitting both sides at the same time. It makes a mess on the floor though with so many bits of wool in use at any time!


  1. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I hope that you get the Crochet Bug again - I have several pupils that were dedicated knitters and are now crochet addicts - do pop by and say hello again sometime. I am just going to look at your courgette post!! Ali

  2. you are truly aan artist with that yarn! Thats beautiful!