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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Herman the German #3 World takeover

I fed Herman with his flour/sugar/milk feed early on Thursday and popped him in the cupboard.

It was a rather warm day and as Herman is basically a sweetened sourdough mix, he got a little excitable and wouldn't be contained by his bowl.

I should have kept a closer eye on him and remembered to stir the mixture - this lets the gas bubbles pop and the volume decreases.
 After a quick clean up of the cupboard, I moved a small amount of mixture into a clean bowl, added an egg and a handful of sultanas to the bulk and baked it. It wasn't as sweet or light as the first cake (HTG#2) made from the Herman mixture but still a nice fruit loaf.

The small amount I kept has already doubled in size but is now smelling more 'yeasty'. I think next time I feed him, I'll add more sugar in an attempt to lose the alcoholic tang.

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