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Monday, 27 October 2014

Free lunch - 2 weeks to 26th October

 This past couple of weeks have seen family celebrations and quite a bit of lunching out - so no chance of a free lunch every day. Still, the rest of the time I've managed to find plenty homegrown stuff to make lunch with. The weather's been a bit unpredictable too, so some days we've had soup (curried parsnip and pumpkin, and leek and potato), others it's been warm enough for salads. Very lucky with spinach and american land cress for leaves, lots of tomatoes and a huge bunch of radish. Carrots, apples and cabbage for coleslaw style salad a couple of days but almost at the end of my cucumbers so I've been adding the pickled ones rather liberally to anything and everything, and almost always a dollop of chutney made from summer's courgettes.

..and one of those evening meals with totally from home grown veg - peppers,courgettes and beans  ready to be added to tomatoes for goulash-style stew, topped with potatoes.

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