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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Free lunch challenge - Week 5

What happened to Week 4? Half-term holidays, that's what. So picking the challenge up again now...

 Monday; well, I tried.. even if only spinach and sliced radishes additions to sandwiches

 Tuesday; much better. Leek, potato and kale - or maybe 'champ' - soup
 Wednesday;  a surprising amount of stuff to make a salad - spinach, bits of rocket, land cress and chives from the garden, radish, red onion, beetroot and pickled turnips which are actually improving with age and tadting a lot less salty. Over it all, salad dressing with fresh home grown herbs - lemon balm, oregano and thyme; strange to have them available this early.
 Thursday; back to sandwiches - spinach and red onion with cheese
 Friday;  tomatoey soup with broad beans from freezer and tiny broccoli spears
Saturday; another salad - rocket and land cress, chopped up spring greens, dried apple pieces and autumn radish (all home grown), carrot given away by fellow allotmenteer.

Sunday - oh well, can't manage it every day.

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