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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Free Lunch - week 7

Monday - salad - beetroot, land cress, red onion, spinach, gooseberry chutney, radish and baby lettuce leaves
 Tuesday - quick sandwiches with chutney, spinach and the last bits of homegrown onion

Wednesday - a bit more variety after an allotment trip. Newly picked cabbage for coleslaw with nearly the last of the gifted carrots, chives (to replace onions) spinach, a mix of radish and chutney 
 Thursday - a morning allotment trip left me with no time to make lunch so just chutney and spinach for a cheese sandwich
Friday - quite a haul of green leaves - baby red lettuce and 'winter mix' salad leaves from the greenhouse and allotment spinach, spring onions and radish, topped with salad dressing made with homegrown herbs

Saturday and Sunday - fail :(
I'm finding it harder to come with interesting meals every day but I suppose we are entering the 'hungry gap' time of year. It's actually easier to eat for 'free' if I make soup from last year's frozen veg but it's too sunny and mild at the moment for a cooked lunch to seem appealing.

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