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Monday, 24 March 2014

Free lunch - week 8

 Continuing my search for a free lunch by only using my garden and allotment produce, either fresh, frozen or pickled, with a little help from other people's surplus...

 Monday - a mixed up salad of cabbage, carrot and chives with turnips pickled back in summer, gooseberry chutney and baked beetroot

Tuesday was a different sort of 'free lunch' - dinner out treat from my parents

 Wednesday - cabbage, spinach, fresh allotment radish and spring onions, and baked beetroot

Thursday - huge plate of spinach, baby lettuce and rocket with chives and salad dressing flavoured with home grown herbs. I'm sure I took a pic but somewhere it's got lost.

 Friday - a bit colder today so decided to make soup. It started out as leek and potato then I realised that, although I'd intended to lift leeks at the allotment, I hadn't! So a sort of tomatoey minestrone with potato, turnip and broad beans but spicier than usual with extra chilli and garlic.

Saturday - something quick - so home grown green tomato chutney and spinach for a cheese baguette

Sunday - cabbage and chive coleslaw with two chutneys - green tomato and gooseberry

It's very much a monotonous round of lunches - with warmer days I'm missing tomatoes and cucumber for salads though new season lettuce is coming on well and should be cropping properly soon. Soups using frozen veg are much more variable and interesting though.

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