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Monday, 31 March 2014

Free Lunch - week 9

 Monday - champ or colcannon soup or maybe just leek and potato with added cabbage bits from the freezer. Cabbage doesn't freeze well at all and throwing in into soup at the last minute is one of the few ways to eat it up
 Tuesday - spinach, chutney and beetroot for sandwiches

 Wednesday - fresh cabbage bits, chives and spinach with dried apple pieces, pickled turnips, roast beetroot and gooseberry chutney.
 Thursday - veg soup using the leftover stock from last night's chicken stew - our own potatoes and frozen beans, swede and carrots from a fellow allotmenteer.
 Friday - lots of lovely greens from the allotment and garden for feta salad - chives, spinach, american land cress, rocket and baby red lettuce.
Saturday - using broccoli bits as a cabbage substitute to make coleslaw with the last bit of 'free' carrot, plus roast beetroot, chives and garden salad leaves.

Sunday was Mothers Day so a special lunch,but 6 days out of 7 isn't bad.

I'm glad that this week, despite some heavy showers and hail, the weather is warming up and the garden salad leaves growing quicker - they're now keeping pace with the rate I eat them at! Waiting now for first of this year's radishes....

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