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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Free Lunch Challenge - week 3

 Week 3 and I'm finding that it's far easier to make 'free' lunch if I have soup! Just raid the freezer and throw some things together.
 Monday; soup with tomatoes, sweetcorn and courgettes from the freezer. I'm definitely getting more inventive with using up what I've got!
 Tuesday; lamb stew without the lamb! A mix of potatoes, turnip, carrot and swede from storage in post-Sunday roast lamb stock.
 Wednesday; Spicy carrot and parsnip soup. I'd hoped I had enough parsnip left for plain (or curried) parsnip soup but once it was peeled and chopped it was nothing like sufficient, so I hunted down a recipe involving carrot as well and flavoured with coriander and cumin (not home grown)
 Thusday; good old salad - bits of rocket, spinach and chives, plus a couple of spring onions all fresh from the garden. The last bit of my last cabbage, so now waiting for the over-winter Savoy-types to grow. Blue radish, beetroot and dried apple as usual to bulk it up.
Friday; desperately trying to find something to put in a sandwich with ham - after yesterday's salad there weren't many leaves in the garden. Found some spinach and added some allotment kale (!), sliced blue radish and the tiniest tomato imaginable from a plant that's just surviving winter in the back-porch.

 Well, this week started well but went downhill at weekend. I managed to find some scraps of rocket in the garden to add to sandwiches but honestly they didn't really make a difference. I can't imagine next week will go well either as it's half term - no weird soup allowed.

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