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Monday, 10 February 2014

Week 2 of the Free Lunch Challenge

 Monday; salad waiting for ham - spinach, red kale and radishes from the allotment, pickled home grown red cabbage, beetroot stored from autumn and homemade pumpkin chutney though I'm not sure if it was one of our pumpkins

 Tuesday; quick and easy leek and potato soup - stored potatoes, fresh leeks from allotment and garden

Wednesday; back to salad - fresh red cabbage, spinach and grated blue winter radish from allotment, carrot from another allotmenteer, beetroot again, homegrown, homepickle onion and a definitely homegrown green tomato chutney
 Thursday - lazy soup; broad beans from freezer and more gifted carrots in gammon stock, spiced up with one of our unpredictable chillies.
Friday; a soup that tasted better than it looks. My home-grown homedried cannellini beans soaked, cooked and mashed in chicken stock from the freezer.

Saturday was this week's 'day off' - bacon fry up with no room for veg at all.

Sunday; back to salad. It gets harder to find interesting bits and pieces to put together for this - fresh rocket, cabbage and radish. Red onion and beetroot stored from summer and some dried apple pieces.

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