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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Jam again!

 Another day, another unusual batch of jam...

....this time rhubarb with raspberries and redcurrants.
Usually my spare rhubarb goes into a marmalade-style conserve with oranges or lemons
but as I have raspberries and redcurrants in abundance, and last week's experiment adding them to gooseberries worked so well, I decided to try mixing them with it instead.
I could find recipes for rhubarb with strawberries so decided to loosely follow one of them - putting fruit and sugar in the jam pan and leaving to stand over night till the juices run, and boiling it up the next day.

 It's a very pretty pink while boiling, but rather 'scummy' despite my best efforts at straining it off and very 'seedy'. Sampling it while cleaning up, as you do, it tastes ok but next time I'll make the effort to sieve the raspberries and currants.

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