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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

free lunch - 13th July

This is the last time you'll see raw broad beans appearing in my salads. I've been eting them quite happily for the last few weeks, but this week, while looking for something completely different, I read that the raw beans contain toxins. Although I'd probably have to eat several kilos a day to make a difference, I'm still going to stop - so now I'll need to find something new for lunch.

Monday - lettuce,broad beans, turnip, cougete, mangetout peas, cucumber

Tuesday - turnip, apple and broad beans (for coleslaw) with lettuce

Wednesday - sandwiches

Thursday - lettuce (of course) with a salsa made from cucumber, cherry tomatoes and the accidentally-chopped unripened grapes

 Friday - not lunch, but cucumber,courgette,turnip and lettuce to accompany my lazy TV dinner of fish and chips
 Saturday - sandwiches
Sunday - still for now eating the raw broad beas with red lettuce, cucumber and courgette

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