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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Free lunch - and a dinner - 6th July

I've been trying to reckon up and I think this is about the twentieth week of trying to get a free lunch. They've not all been free but I think most weeks, apart from holidays, I manage about 5 or 6. Some days though it's just too easy to open a tin of something or put a sandwich together. This week has definitely been an interesting week - with 'surprise' salad ingredients - turnip and courgette.
Monday - my usual salad of lettuce, cucumber now the plants are cropping well, raw broad beans and peas with grated turnip. Not sure it was a success as it turned a bit 'mushy'...

so for Tuesday I chopped everything up with some 'cabbage' (actually leaves from a brussel sprout plant) and made a huge coleslaw

Wednesday was back to usual but with two sorts of cucumber - a green one (you can see the skin) and a yellow crystal lemon which I peeled

Thursaday was a quick sandwich day :(

Friday - testing raw courgette (at the top of the pic) along with cucumber, beans and peas. nice and crunchy with a good dollop of salad dressing so I think this is going to appear a lot!

Saturday - strawberry salad, another 'discovery' which I love.

...and also homegrown dinner - goulash of sorts - tomatoes and courgettes from the freezer (still using up last summer's), fresh broad beans, dried chillies and garlic topped with new potatoes - only had to buy the chorizo.

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