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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Free Lunch - week 11

Monday - a rainy day so time for soup from the freezer - tomatoes, corn, courgettes, broad beans and cabbagey bits (never any use as cabbage after being frozen but still ok for soup) plus the end bit of the huge 'gifted' swede and one of last years' chillies to spice it all up

 Tuesday - salad with spring cabbage, spinach and chives
 Wednesday - another salad - spinach, spring onions, radish and beetroot
 Thursday - lazy day, spinach, beetroot and my gooseberry chutney underneath it all
 Friday- guess what? salad! Shredded cabbage, spinach, chives, beetroot

Saturday - salad again *sighs* cabbage, spinach, gooseberry chutney

Sunday - surprise! salad  - this time with rocket and American land cress from garden, red lettuce from greenhouse and the faithful white cabbage

When I see how many times I end up eating more or less the same meal, I realise that all this 'eat-your-own- lark is quite boring!

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