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Monday, 7 April 2014

Free Lunch - week 10

Monday - allotment cabbage, garden red lettuce and stored baked beetroot salad
Tuesday - allotment spinach and radishes, garden chives and winter salad leaves

Wednesday - trying to find something a little different to my lazy leek and potato soup so chicken stock and corn from the freezer, with stored potatoes and fresh leeks.

 Thursday - back to salad - allotment spinach, garden lettuce, rocket and chives
Friday - yet another salad - spinach, cabbage and radish from Thirsday's allotment trip, beetroot and 'dried' apples, and chives.

Weekend - impossible to manage 'free lunches' for either day. It always seems to be weekend when I fall down on this challenge and just grab something quick and easy from the cupboard or freezer.

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