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Friday, 16 November 2012

Testing - Tender by Nigel Slater #1

          Chickpeas with pumpkin, lemongrass and coriander

Part of the continuing search for interesting new pumpkin recipes.....

I started out knowing I would have to substitute a few things - tinned chickpeas instead of dried, lemon instead of lemon grass and, most interesting as I knew the theory but have never tried it out, d-i-y coconut milk from dessicated cocnut. I then realised I didn't have the stem ginger and forgot to add coriander at the end!

Despite what seems like a catalogue of errors, this worked quite well. It wasn't a complicated recipe but I should have sorted the spices - the recipe calls for ground coriander and turmeric, cardamom pods and a chilli rather than adding a 'curry powder' - before I started cooking instead of hunting round in the cupboard while the pans got hot. It was a little too 'hot' for me but our home-grown chillies are unpredictable in heat - even so, another time I might add less.


  1. you're braver than I would be, I would probably not tried the substitutions, sounds like it worked out though, do you know we have never had curry, its just not eaten here, I had a friend growing up down the the road who came from England, ( her family) and she made it but I was never asked for dinner, it smelled so excotic to me, I was raised in a farming community here in Northern Ontario, no curries. This dish you made looks like curried chick peas to me, I always say I want to make it but never do.My neighbor Chris is from Wales and she makes curry dishes all the time, she has offered them to us but hers are super hot, she likes them very hot, I don't.I hope you are well, its snowing here.

    1. I'm so surprised that you've never tried curry! They're so easy to get here - either as take-away food, ready frozen dinners or packs of dried noodles with sachet of 'curry sauce' to add when heating up - or even make your own. If you find any for sale try a 'korma' - mild and creamy with a little spiciness but not one to burn the roof of your mouth. Nice and warming for your snowy weather :)