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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Clearing out the fridge

 Look what I found in the fridge!
Just what I (don't) need for a cup of tea or on my cornflakes.

Actually, I knew all about it - if you take a bottle of milk away for a holiday and leave it in the car boot for a few days what can you expect?
I don't like to throw food away but could never find a lot of uses for gone-off milk till I started using it in cake and muffins.

Time for baking! 

 Rhubarb Cake.

I use a  recipe I made by adapting one for Bara Brith, the main appeal being that there is no butter, margarine or oil in it. There is a certain amount of fat from the milk, but not too much with semi or skimmed.

Instead of dried fruit I use whichever fresh fruit I happen to have around - in this case rhubarb, with oats and oatmeal added to make it extra healthy!

Any funny smell from the milk disappears in baking - well, I assume it does, I barely got to test the finished results!

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