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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Baby shawl

For the first time in ages, I've picked up my knitting needles!

With my first grandson expected just after Christmas, I got out the ancient battered, family shawl pattern and got busy - this was round about the middle of November.

Then, I discovered it might all take longer than I thought! At 255 stitches the rows seem appallingly long, and take forever to knit, so there's no chance of doing a few in odd moments during the day.
So, I've found a Netflix boxset - or three - and settled down to many. many evenings of knitting.

At last, I have the main body of the shawl finished. Only the edging to go ...


  1. wow that is stunning and such a lovely shade of blue

    1. Thank you x I'm glad to say I've almost reached the end now though. The colour choice was my eldest daughter's. I automatically thought of knitting in white, but mum-to-be picked the blue :)