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Monday, 16 June 2014

Strawberries with everything...

I've got an awkward amount of strawberries ripening at the moment - too many to just scoff down with yogurt, too few for jam - and not enough sunshine to try last year's air-drying idea

So, I'm looking for different ways to eat them up..

My favourite accompanying yogurt is peach and apricot - somehow it brings the taste of the strawberries out better than plain or strawberry-flavoured. Blueberry can be good too but sometimes it's a little overwhelming.

Breakfast - nothing improves my morning cornflakes like strawberries!

..well, unless there's a couple of mini croissants and some leftover whipped cream going spare....
But this is where most of my strawberries are going - into salads.  At first I added feta cheese - not too heavy or spicy - but I've since discovered they go surprisingly well with chorizo.
I thought this seemed a strange idea when I first encountered it but having tried them in a variety of combinations it works well. Blander salad leaves like spinach go better than hotter mustard-y ones, though a bit of rocket or basil is good.
Mangetout peas are a better mix than sharp allotment radishes,and I've decided onion should definitely be avoided.

Anyone got any more ideas to share?

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