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Friday, 16 May 2014

Nearly done...

 My knitting is coming along at last - it's going to be too warm to wear it by the time it's finished...but there'll always be next winter!
I'm not knitting this in the 'normal' order as given on patterns. Having completed back and fronts, I wanted to do the front and neck ribbing so that I know how much wool is left for the sleeves. I've got 4 balls so should have enough but some of them have been rather chewed by moths so there are lots of short useless lengths of yarn - this is why I shouldn't store wool for 10 years before knitting it up!
Anyway, here are the results so far with a close up of the cable pattern. The sleeves should be quick and easy, as they're to be plain stocking stitch (it'll also save on yarn) - all I have to do is find the pattern....

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