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Monday, 9 September 2013

Something totally different....

 I've tried making jams and marmalades with unusual vegetables before - pumpkins, courgettes and cucumber - but this year's surplus crop is green tomatoes. I can't leave them on the plants to ripen as they are too heavy and the stems are breaking.
I could make chutney.
But we eat more marmalade than chutney....
 I found this recipe in Farmhouse Fare - a collection of recipes sent in to Farmers Weekly, so there are all sorts of useful ways of using up odd gluts of fruit and veg.
The only adaptation I've made is to add more lemon - about 4 in total from my hoard of leftover frozen lemons, instead of  'some lemon peel'.

 It's all boiled up and set much as any other jam and although it isn't the most appealing colour, it does taste of lemons rather than tomatoes and
the chopped up lemon rind gives it the appearance and texture of marmalade.

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