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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lunch from the lottie #11

 It's quite a while since I've posted anything under 'lunch from the lottie', mainly because I've been having to rely on shop-bought tomatoes or cucumbers or such.

Well this last couple of weeks has seen an end to that with lots of salads made wholly with homegrown produce and even one dinner (though I can't grow the rice yet)
What I have available in quantity at the moment is spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and cabbage.

Fortunately there's enough beetroot, mangetout peas, radishes and onions to add variety - there's even the very strange pickled turnips!

This curry was a variant on Leek and Cauliflower curry from Rose Elliott's New Complete Vegetarian. I had to alter it as I had no leeks! So it was made with cauliflower, potato, courgettes, apple and French beans - all home grown!

I'm hoping now we're well into the most productive time of year that there'll be more lunches from the lottie!

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  1. looks beautiful and such a good feeling to have home grown,