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Monday, 17 June 2013

Not a useful day's sewing

  With a day of peace and quiet stretching ahead of me, when no one else would be demanding to use the dining table, I decided to get back to making clothes.
The cunning plan was to take an old stretchy top and recreate it out of an old thin cotton skirt.

Things started fine - drawing round the top and cutting out a pattern.
When I fastened the sides and shoulders together and tried it on, I discovered a problem. Perhaps obviously the cotton material wasn't stretchy so the new top appeared tighter than the old one but more importantly I seem to have cut it a lot shorter!
I'm now trying to think of a clever way to rescue it - add a contrasting hem, maybe?

1 comment:

  1. don't you just hate that when it happens, all the work wasted, I hope you can rescue this, I love the challenge of doing this and I also do this sort of thing, I love to repurpose fabric, I mostly make my grand daughter things from my old clothes, or they become quilt blocks, doll clothes,