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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Messy day in the kitchen..

Today's been a damp miserable sort of day so I raided the freezer and got out some of last year's soft fruit for jam-making - a mix of blackberries, raspberries and redcurrants. At this point I got a bit carried away and got too much out. I should have realised this when, after boiling up and sieving, the pulp measured 7 pints.
Now, my jam-pan is quite large but as the pulp and sugar boiled together, I heard a whoosh sound followed by the splutter that comes as liquid dribbles on to the gas flames - the jam was over-flowing the pan!!
I had to let everything cool down so I could mop the hot pulp up - from the sides of the pan, the top of the cooker, drips down the front of cupboards and oddly some on my feet. 
Then I started again, heating it a little more cautiously and watching it like a hawk.
End result - 9 jars of gleaming mixed berry jam! 

Next time I'll make a smaller quantity. I certainly didn't save time or effort by making so much at once.

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