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Friday, 24 May 2013

Back to baking...

Earlier this week we went to a book store event for the Clandestine Cake Club The club members meet regularly to share home-made cake and now their recipes have been collected into a book. Unfortunately, tempting as the book looked, it isn't really suitable for us as not many cake recipes are low-fat. It made me realise though that it's a while since I've made any cake so on a wet and windy day, with leftover rhubarb in the fridge, I got out the mixing bowls and cake tins and got baking. Rhubarb loaf cake for the adults, choc chip cookies for the not-grown-up-yet.


  1. sounds lovely! We should watch our fat better too! I mean the fat we eat, not the fat on my behind!!!

    1. LOL Doesn't one fat make the other? Barely any in the rhubarb loaf - there's no butter or oil in it so just a bit in the milk.