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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Knitting - finished project and plans for next.

 First the finished project - a long scarf knitted in 'ostrich' yarn, so nice and fluffy but maybe not too warm. Being plain stocking stitch, it didn't take long to make but would have taken less if I hadn't decided it was long enough, cast off and then changed my mind. Undoing the casting off and picking up the stitches seemed to take forever because of the nature of the yarn.
Anyway, it's now finished so on to the next thing...

.....this necessitated a day or two immersed in pattern books with yarn spread out everywhere.

 I wanted something lightweight and fitted, suitable for wearing indoors, rather then out, in the current cold weather. I have a huge stash of 4ply Jaeger washable wool - but only 5 balls at most of any one colour, so I was looking for striped or fair isle.

 I've settled on re-working this Rowan pattern from Magazine 28, using 4ply instead of double-knit, 5 colours instead of 4 and making a cardigan instead of a jumper! The swatch looks good I think but I may also alternate the colours round to use them up evenly.

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  1. oh my gosh I wish I had your talent!!!!