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Monday, 30 July 2012

Step 1 - unpicking

Really this speaks for itself - the first step to re-making this crocheted top is to take it apart!
I've opened the side seams as currently the garment is FAR too small for me and opened the front as I intend to turn it into a waistcoat.
Next step will be to make the neck wider and remove most of the sleeve sections. Then comes the difficult part - finding more yarn for extra patches and working out where to add the new ones, particularly if they aren't the same colours.  
Watch this space for progress reports!!

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  1. this will be just lovely when finished, I think wearing clothes we make our selves just feels so good, OUR OWN CREATIONS, I make all my skirts and slacks, I wear skirts mostly, my favorite skirt is made from a pair of baggy legged jeans, I wear it all the time.I like where you're going with this, can't wait to see it finished, I wish my sight would allow me to knit still, and crotchet, I miss that