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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Weird Jam

I'm suffering from a surplus of courgettes at the moment - some have escaped picking and grown too large and marrowlike. I was wondering about making pickle or chutney with them but have quite a lot of chutneys in the store cupboard so wondered whether it was possible to make some sort of jam or marmalade.

Hunting through the recipe books I came across two in Farmhouse Fare, a compilation of recipes sent in to Farmers' Weekly.
The first was marrow, lemon and ginger - the second, marrow and pineapple.
I often make lemon or orange flavoured jams/marmalades with fairly dull bulky veg - pumpkins or rhubarb - so I thought I'd try the pineapple recipe.

The courgette is diced and layered with sugar overnight, then tinned pineapple added and everything boiled up.

It looks more like marmalade but tastes like jam - not very pineappley though!

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