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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Kaffe Fasset knits

I recently came across a post on Writing About Books about an old forgotten inspirational knitting/needlework favourite of mine Kaffe Fassett At the V&A
It's more a book filled with ideas than actual patterns but it's brimming over with Fassett's unique style.

Over the years I've knitted a variety of his designs from various books, from 'plain' squares to more complex 'squares within squares' and 'pineapples'; some following the pattern closely, others taking inspiration and letting the colours work on their own. Here are a few of them....a cardigan, a couple of jackets and even a bedspread!

Part of this started out as a "Big Diamond" tunic which was too long, so I removed the bottom pattern including the pockets!

I then added strips of these 'pinwheel' patterns...

...and finished it all of with a easier pattern round the edges

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  1. oh well done! Glad it was of some use! and you've done more stuff than I would ever contemplate!