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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Free lunch - 2 weeks till 7th September 2014

 It took me so long to get last week's photos organised that I thought I'd run two weeks in to one.

There hasn't really been a lot of interest in the past fortnight's lunches anyway - just a LOT of salad variations mainly involving cucumber and tomatoes which I have a surplus of. I have no home grown lettuce at all so mainly I'm relying on spinach or cabbage for greenery (one day though I cheated and ate shop-bought iceberg lettuce). Luckily there's been a little variety with radishes cropping again and the pulling of the first of this year's beetroot.

One day turned out to be cold enough to have soup! A sort of minestrone of tomatoes, onions and the first of this year's corn.

And I'm trying to imaginatively use up the tomato and courgette surplus for evening dinners - here with our greenhouse peppers and some chorizo slices I turned them into fillings for wraps.

We've also started lifting carrots and parsnips so here they are with last year's frozen broad beans ready to be added to a tuna bake with a home grown potato topping.

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