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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Recipe testing - Abel&Cole cookbook - Red Cabbage Braised in Balsamic Vinegar

Normally I have so little red cabbage that it all goes into pickles, which I love.
This year though, I have a surplus. Left too long in pickling vinegar it will go soft and there's only so much of it I want to eat raw in salads, so I'm hunting about for recipes. Most seem to call for very slow cooking in the oven, taking an hour or so, therefore I thought I'd start with this top-of-the-stove recipe.

It's very simple - shred the cabbage, pop in a pan with sugar, balsamic vinegar, water and olive oil, and let it simmer away for an hour. There was the usual problem with Abel and Cole recipes of measuring. The recipe calls for '1 whole red cabbage' but how does that compare to my two rather small cabbages? Sometime weights and measures can be helpful. I think I may have added too much vinegar and sugar for the amount of cabbage I used but it was nice though rather like a warm, soft version of pickled cabbage.

 So, although we enjoyed it - and ate up the leftovers with salad for lunch - next time, I'll look for something a little more 'different'.

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  1. this sounds lovely, made my mouth water, lol!!!