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Friday, 15 February 2013

Another Pumpkin.....

This pumpkin has been hiding in the cupboard under the stairs since Halloween and I only got it out now because I needed to make some marmalade.

That took a big 4lb chunk out of it so then on to using some for dinners ....


bacon and pumpkin inauthentic  goulash .....

curried bean and pumpkin soup

'leftovers' soup - basically cooked, mashed pumpkin with leftover spicy tomato sauce.

another chilli - with cannellini beans as I couldn't find kidney beans!

 ...and on to the very last piece for another 'leftover' soup, this time with a small amount of lamb stock, potatoes, baked beans and a generous spoonful of curry powder.

Last but not least - the seeds roasted with peri peri sauce. A tongue-tingling snack.

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  1. well you certainly did justice to that beautiful pumpkin!