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Monday, 8 April 2019

Baby-sized cardigans, and clearing my yarn stash

I decided at almost the last minute to knit my
grandson a jacket for Christmas - a sort of baseball jacket. It took me a little over a week, and helped use up some bits of yarn I had stashed away, but was FAR too big!
It will probably still fit him next Christmas.

I was so taken with this way of using up my oddments of yarn, though, that sometime in January, filled with new year's resolutions to clear out my yarn stash, I thought I'd make another - similar but different, and smaller this time. I'd have plenty of time to make it before moving on to my newly-purchased wool intended for myself.
Or so I thought.

There must have been a huge amount of wishful thinking going on there, because with one thing and another I didn't complete the project till March!
Originally I'd intended to make the sleeves in blue, but there wasn't enough of that yarn.
I think the tan colour works well though, and the various coloured stripes will match with a variety of brown and blue jogging bottoms and denim baby jeans.

On now to my own cardigan before summer arrives ...

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